Meet our KINDERgarten friends

At the World Outside we believe that caring for animals provides another dimension to a child's development.

The kindergarten pets can provide your child with a friendly face that can be an immediate friend to your little one and help them settle in.

The animals welfare is at the forefront and we have policies in place to ensure that everyone is happy, loved and well cared for.


Wiggly Pig

Age:  About 12 months.

Fur: Long haired, grey and white.

Favourite food: Cucumber.

Favourite activities:  Being stroked on someone's lap.

Character:  Very noisy, always complaining 

Best Friend: Jigs


Age:  About 12 months.

Fur: Short haired, black white and brown.

Favourite food: Everything, especially lettuce!

Favourite activities:  Exploring and getting in to mischief

Character: Always hungry


Best Friend: Wiggly Pig - though I find Brodie the dog very interesting!


Princess Sofia of Baxter

Age:  About 2 and a half years

Fur: Short white with a grey face

Favourite food: Cucumber.

Favourite activities:  Being stroked on someone's lap.

Character:  A very gentle soul who loves a cuddle

Best Friend: Armitwitch


Age:  About 2 and a half years

Fur: Short haired,  white and brown.

Favourite food: Carrots

Favourite activities:  Exploring and getting in to mischief.

Character:  Very bossy and rules the hutch

Best Friend: Princess Sofia of Baxter 


Coco Bean

Age:  12 months

Fur: Brown

Favourite food: Anything the girls leave behind 

Favourite activities:  Rubble strutting to the girls

Character: Very Shy, especially surrounded by all the girls

Best Friend:   

A little bit scared of everyone especially Armitwitch. If he had to choose it would be Sofia.

The Chickens

Age:  All ages!

Feathers:  Black white and brown and speckledy!

Favourite food: Mixed corn and cabbages. 

Favourite activities:  Scratching and dust baths.


Best Friend: The Kindergarten staff who bring corn and cabbage!

Location:  We're not on site just yet as we hate foxes and until the staff have put us up a nice secure run, we are staying at Sandra's house - where there is a lot of corn and cabbage!!


HATTIE The tortoise

Age:  Over 75 years

Shell: All shades of brown.

Favourite food: Broadleaf plantain and the occasional cos lettuce leaf!

Favourite activitiesSleeping in the sunshine.


Best Friend: I prefer my own company, thank you!!!

Location:  I have just woken up from hibernation so at home on my tortoise table with a lovely warm lamp to bask under.

I come in the Kindergarten during the warm summer months to enjoy basking in the sunshine.

THe Bees and - Queen Lilibet

Age:  1 year to 1 hour

Colour: Brown and Yellow

Favourite food: Nectar

Favourite Activity: Waggle dancing and flying long distances

Queens Name:  Lilibet - She is one  year Old and very calm

Location:  On the edge of the kindergarten surrounded by a fence in their long hive.   They are visible to the children but set up in such away that the bees are not disturbed and Queen Lilibet is a chilled out and calm queen and so are all her daughters!