Why chOOSe An Outdoor Nursery?

There is a strong evidence to suggest that learning and playing outdoors has many benefits for children. 


The Scottish government commissioned a paper called 'Out to Play' and within this document they have a long list the reasons why an outdoor play based environment is positive and life enhancing for our children

As a child I grew up in the country, spending many hours roaming around the fields, getting stuck in streams and climbing trees.   Bringing my own children up with in the town I felt I was unable to give my boys the freedom they needed to explore and grow within a natural environment.

The World Outside Kindergarten, aims to give you the opportunity to give your children a fantastic outdoor setting.  This will be a place where they can explore and learn with freedom at their own speed and in their own way

Here are the benefits for your child attending The World Outside Kindergarten:

  • Prepares your child for a great start to primary school by providing an education appropriate for their age and learning abilities.

  • Practical and inventive ways to learn literacy and arithmetic. 

  • Learning practically as well as academically for later education.

  • Socialising and making friends.

  • Team work and learning to follow instruction.

  • Peace and reassurance that your child is in a nourishing and nurturing high quality environment.

  • Improves physical health – children playing outdoors are more physically active so are likely to have a good night's sleep, so they are ready to learn.

  •  An active life style that promotes healthy eating.

  •  Better bone density through improved strength and greater exposure to vitamin D.

  •  Better fundamental movement skills.

  •  Improved respiratory health.

  •  Better immune system by experiencing a greater range of microbes.

  •  Improved eyesight.

  •  Improves wellbeing – children’s wellbeing and mental health is improved by playing outdoors.

  •  Resilience is developed through taking and managing risks outdoors in a safe environment.

  •  Self-esteem and confidence are increased through free play outdoors, making own decisions, problem solving and managing boundaries.

  • Emotional health regulation and interpersonal skills are improved through negotiation and conflict resolution.

  • Wellbeing is improved by being outdoors in nature which has a calming effect.

  • Enhances child development – high level functions such as creativity, interpersonal skills, empathy and negotiation are improved.

  • Improves learning for sustainability – developing a connection to nature and an understanding of environment and place as a child increases likelihood of caring about these things as an adult.


And importantly, it is fun and should be an every day part of children’s play-based learning!

Why chOOSe


There are many lovely childcare settings in and around the Wyre Forest.   Our setting is different in that we are set within a woodland environment with room to explore and allow the children to grow in a natural environment.


Also due to the activities and environment, we aim to provide a higher ratio of staff to children so that your child is safe and still has the opportunity to take part in risky play that is essential for a child's development.


We aim to provide opportunities for the children to :

  • Learn arithmetic and literacy in preparation for later  education.

  • Learn to communicate with peers and adults.

  • Learn about teamwork and cooperation.

  • Grow their own vegetables.

  • Become apiarists.

  • Look after chickens.

  • Cook on the fire.

  • Freely and safely explore woodland.

  • Take part in measured risky play.

  • Learn about the environment and sustainability .


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