A typical Day with

the World Outside Kindergarten

Before the children arrive

Check the Site and Risk Assessments

The staff arrive and open up to check the site and the equipment ready for the day's activities.

The weather forecast is checked and the activities risk assessed accordingly.

Resources will be prepared and maybe a cup of tea and a slice of toast before the children arrive!

The Children Arrive

Jobs and Chores

As the children arrive they will help check and feed the animals.  They will also check the garden and carry out any watering that may be required. 


They will help set up the equipment for the day's activities and assist by carrying out their own mini risk assessments of the areas and have an input in to the day's planned activities.

Morning Activities

Focused Activities

This is a time for focused activities, though it is still very much child-led.   The activities will be set up to engage and challenge the children. 


The activities will focus on the Early Years Curriculum and the staff will find exciting and different ways to plan activities that will meet the individual needs of all the children attending that day.

Mid morning

Snack Time

The children will have access to drinks and fresh water throughout the day.  If they get hungry before snack time this will not be a problem and they will be able to find something from their bags to keep the munchies away until lunch time!   It is a very hungry business being outside!

About mid morning we will get together for a snack, maybe around the fire, and chat about the day so far and what we have achieved and what the children plan to do next.

Late Morning

Focused Activities

The children will continue with the focused activities and the staff will facilitate activities for those that would like to explore another avenue.   Activities are free flow with the children able to spend as much or as little time on an activity as they wish.


Lunch Time

Around midday everyone stops for lunch, because by this time everyone is really hungry.  The staff will sit and have lunch with the children too and this will be a time for sharing experiences about what the children have been up to.   

There is even time for joke telling or singing songs!

After Lunch

Quiet Activities and Nap

After lunch the children may want some quiet time, maybe a nap or story telling.

And this is the time that the afternoon children will arrive and the fun will start all over again!

Mid afternoon

Snack Time

The children may want another snack and a drink. 

This is time to gather for another review of the day.  'How is everyone doing?'  What do you want to do before you go home?'

Snack Time at the World Outside

Late afternoon

Time for more Activities

In the afternoon, after everyone has had a drink and a snack, there will be time to explore and play and do all those activities that the children did not manage to get to do. 

There will be time for more focused activities for those that joined us for the afternoon.  There will be time for adventurous play and exploring. 


There will also be time to explore another part of the woodland and see which animals have come to visit whilst we haven't been there

Home Time for some

Jobs and Chores

The children will help check and feed the animals.  They will also check the garden and carry out any watering that may be required.  They will help set up the equipment for the day's activities and assist by carrying out there own risk assessments of the areas.

And there will be time for one last play, one last song or one last story!

A hen and her chicks  The World Outside

End of the day


Towards the end of the day there will be time for more stories and time to wind down before heading home.

This is time for a review of the day with children.  'What did you enjoy,'  'What would you like to do next time you come along?'

There may even be time for singing songs or a quick nature ramble around the grounds.

Home Time for ALL

Final Checks

The children will help check and feed the animals and ensure that they have everything they need to last them through to the next day.  They will have a tidy up and ensure that all the equipment is put away clean and safely.   The children will help check the garden and carry out any watering required.  

They will then finish up with stories, chats about what activities they would like to do at their next visit and there will be time for quiet play before home time.

Mud modeling At The World Outside

After everyone has gone home

Staff Meetings, Planning, Risk Assessments

Once all the children have gone home the staff will review the day, and how things went.  They will plan future sessions and look into what equipment and resources are needed.  It will also be time for those very important team meetings and skill sharing opportunities and  a well earned cup of tea!